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How To Add Cross-Sell Functionality To Your Shopify Store

One of the most efficient ways to maximize Shopify revenue is to add cross-sell functionality. Unfortunately, most Shopify users are unfamiliar with the idea of cross-sales - let alone how to set up cross-sales in their Shopify store! If this describes you, don’t panic - today, we cover everything you need to know.

What Is a Cross-Sale?

A cross-sale is where you sell complementary or related products to a customer who already plans on making a purchase. Cross-selling is a very efficient way to increase sales because the customer has already decided to make their purchase - and cross-sale items are generally small or necessary accessories for the original purpose.

Cross-sales are often confused with up-sales, but the two are separate entities. A cross-sale focuses on selling supplementary products, whereas an up-sale focuses on selling an upgraded product to the customer.

So, for example, when buying a barbecue grill, a good cross-sale might be a set of grill tools. A good up-sale would be suggesting an upgraded version of the grill that the customer put in their shopping cart.

Benefits of Adding Cross-Sell Functionality To Your Shopify Store

Adding cross-selling to your Shopify store has some great benefits –

  • Increased sales and earnings for your company.
  • It is a more convenient way for shoppers to pick up accessories for their items by reminding them to buy things they may not know they need.
  • Customers feel understood because your store is offering them products picked to complement their purchases.
  • Improved customer loyalty because customers feel understood and cross-sell offers frequently include savings.

How To Add Cross-Sell Functionality To Your Shopify Store

Like many functions, adding cross-sell functionality to your Shopify store requires that you install a cross-selling plugin. There are plenty of cross-sales plugin options, but not all of these plugins are created equal, some require much more editing and others include far fewer features.

How To Add Cross-Sell Functionality To Your Shopify Store

HypeCart Cross-Sell Plugin Does It Better

Shopify plugin HypeCart is more than just an option for cross-selling - it is the ultimate Shopify tool.

To implement HypeCart sign up for the HypeCart plugin (accounts range from free to $19.99 a month.) After signing up, add the HypeCart plugin from the Shopify store by clicking “Add app.” From the Shopify admin, authorize the app by clicking “Install app.” Once installed, the Hypecart app is accessible from the Shopify admin section on the Apps page.

To open the Hypecart app, go to the apps page in Shopify and click the app name. To edit your Hypecart app preferences, click “preferences” beside the app name.

Some of the benefits HypeCart offers include:

  • Cart Drawer (with themes)
  • Progress bars
  • Free gift options
  • In-cart upsells
  • In-cart cross-sells
  • Thank you page widgets
  • Post-purchase upsells.

Cart Drawer (with Themes)

The cart drawer integrates directly with your Shopify theme and provides you control over any offers available to your customers. The cart drawer feature lets you automatically add free gifts and custom triggers for targeted upsells.

Activating the cart drawer feature of HypeCart requires you to log in to the Shopify dashboard and on the “Cart Drawer” card, click “Turn on.”

Progress Bars

The progress bar is a visual identifier for customers to see how close they are to meeting incentive thresholds. This visual representation encourages shoppers to add more items to their cart to obtain their incentive.

Adding a progress bar go to the Shopify dashboard and choose “Add” and select “progress bar.” Add a title, subtitle, threshold, and completion message. Choose a library image for the progress bar and select “add a progress bar.”

Free Gift Options

Offering a free gift with purchase is another great way to encourage increased spending -especially when paired with the progress bar.

To add a free gift option to your Shopify store, you must first activate the “Cart Drawer” in the HypeCart dashboard and click “add offer" and choose “free gift.” From here, add the title, subtitle, threshold, and completion message, then choose a gift. Add your gift image and click “add a free gift.”

In-Cart Upsells

In-cart upsells are a less intrusive way of suggesting a higher caliber purchase as an alternative to the item put in the cart.

To add in-cart upsells, go to the Shopify dashboard and choose “Add” and select “upsell product.” Next, click “edit” choose the product you want to upsell, and click “save.” Add a title and subtitle, then select “add upsell.”

In-Cart Cross-Sells

In-cart upsells are a less intrusive way of suggesting products that the buyer might consider as additions to their current purchase.

To add in-cart cross-sells, go to the Shopify dashboard and choose “add” and select “cross-sell.” Click “edit,” choose the cross-sell product and select “save.” Add a title and subtitle, then “add new trigger” and choose “and” or “or” if you have more than one trigger, then choose “add cross-sell.”

Thank You Page Widgets

Thank you page widgets are a great option to share offers for products the shopper may have forgotten and cross-selling opportunities for other stores.

To add thank you page widgets, begin at the Shopify dashboard and choose “manage” on the “Post Purchase Widgets” card. From here, select “add widget,” and choose the widget you would like to add, and drag and drop it to the desired area of your site.

Post-Purchase Upsells

Post-purchase upsells give customers a last chance to consider upgrading their purchase even after an order gets placed. This feature works well to make customers reconsider whether they have made the best purchase possible.

To add post-purchase upsells, start at your Shopify dashboard, and on the “Post Purchase Widgets” page select “turn on.” From here, select the widget that you want to add.


Cross-sell functionality allows Shopify store owners to increase their sales by suggesting that customers purchase complementary products on checkout. Cross-selling is not just about selling additional products from your store inventory. Cross-selling is also an opportunity to promote other stores and programs by selling their items and vice versa – increasing brand and product exposure!

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